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Entwine is a digital publication on Substack that weaves fiction, poetry, and visual art, created by NJ Turner.

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There are three tiers: Free, Standard, and Founder. It's like a sliding scale fee structure to support the artist.

*Posts will start publishing in 2024. Until then, subscriptions are not yet turned on for billing. You can ‘Pledge’ an ammount you want to sign up for ahead of when that is turned on if so desired.

No Pledge/Free: You will have access to some posts, and partial access to posts that are paywalled

Standard: Subscriptions are currently $5/month, the lowest Substack will let the author offer. If you pay annually you get $10 off. You have full access to posts, comments, chat.

Founder: Name your own price point up and beyond the standard yearly price.

If you choose to be exceedingly kind to the author and sign up as a Founder at or above $75, they would like to write you a bespoke poem, letter-per-dollar. (Or more than one poem if the letter tally shakes out that way.) It's an annual subscription, so that's an annual commitment from the author to you.

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A digitial publication of visual & written arts Entwined together. Delivered to your inbox on a sliding scale to support the artist from free to $5+. A project created by NJT, publishing in 2024